Father’s Day Menu

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Want to show your dad how special he truly is, how about a perfect Dad’s day menu? You don’t need much to plan the perfect day for Dad—simply clean up the yard, toss a ball around, go for a hike, or whip up a delicious summer cookout. Whether you’re planning a summertime picnic or a fancier sit-down meal, this collection of Dad-approved recipes are sure to be a hit.

What’s the best gift you can give your dad? Time. And what’s the best way to spend time with Dad? Eating delicious food together, of course! That’s why we created this collection of recipes that are perfect for your Dad’s Day menu —from meals to snacks, they’re all sure to get you and your dad off to a great start.

Bring the steakhouse home for this special Father’s Day menu. The perfectly cooked steak and grilled portobello mushrooms will be a hit with any steak-loving dad. If your dad is a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, there’s no better way to impress him than with a thick, juicy steak. Making sure it’s done just right requires some careful temperature monitoring; use an instant-read thermometer.

For juicy, savory grilled mushrooms that’ll give steak and Garlic Oysters a run for their money, try stuffing portobello caps. Whisk up some fresh marinade and brush it onto pre-sliced portobellos before throwing them on the grill. Check out these top Father’s Day menu recipes that are sure to satisfy even the dadliest of dads.

Is your dad more of a Rib guy? Yes, not all dads like indulge in meaty meat, but for those that do embrace their inner caveman when it’s time to eat, these rib recipes are the perfect thing to make for Father’s Day menu.

Do not sweat it if you don’t have a grill, I’ve included a Slow Cooker rib recipe below! In any case, you can do most of the prep work the day before, so you’ll have more time to chill with dad before dinner on his special day. Pork spareribs are a good way to cook for Dad on Father’s Day because they are easy enough for even beginning barbecue chefs.

With their subtle BBQ flavor and fall-off-the-bone tenderness, these barbecued ribs are just like your favorite restaurant. Perfect for your Dad’s Day menu.

Don’t forget dessert on your Father’s Day menu, try some luscious grilled pineapple. No matter how you serve them, grilled pineapple is guaranteed to add some flair to your Dad’s Day Menu.

Find this recipe useful? Share it with your friends!